Leadership & Team

“Our mission is to excel and exceed the conventional expectations of an retirement residence.  We are not a one-size-fits-all institution.  We are a residence that acknowledges the individual, accommodates the unconventional, and provides exceptional attention to the details that define each person who resides under our care.” – Kathryn Kassner, CEO and Administrator.

The Bay Oaks team is comprised of experienced, dedicated professionals who are passionate about embodying the Bay Oaks motto: “It is a privilege to be of service.” Kathryn Kassner, CEO and Administrator has led the Bay Oaks team since 1998, General Manager James Wilson has held his position since 1999 and Senior CNA Sharon Lucas joined us in 1990. Approximately half of the staff has been with Bay Oaks for over a decade.

Kathryn Kassner
CEO and Administrator since 1998
James Wilson
General Manager since 1999
Yadaris Cruz (left)
Sharon Lucas (right)
Senior Certified Nursing Assistants
Matthew Wilson
Facility and Food Manager
C.B. Gaines
Concierge since 2009
Kathryn Reid Moore
Assistant to the Administrator
Concepcion Taclob
Bay Oaks’ Laundress since 2008
Carmelo Cruz
Maintenance Manager since 1998
Kathy McClenney
Head of Housekeeping since 2008
Julie Blanchard
CNA since 2000
Josie Andal
CNA 2011
Debbie King
CNA since 2000
Omaira Diaz
Keda Joseph
Rose Charles
Kevin Rodriguez
Gency Chacon
Coralie Schevallier
Theresa Pope
Kevin Rodriguez
Valerie Hill

Bay Oaks was created and has been managed by a board composed exclusively of professional women since 1947. Our current board members are:

Dr. Judith Siskind
Board President since 2009
Susan Fleming, LCSW
Vice President
Dr. Anna Blackman
Elinor J. Brecher
Gency Chacon
Verena Streber