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Pricing & Services

Pricing & Services

Bay Oaks provides exclusively inclusive services. We have never taken buy-in fees, required annual contracts, or billed separately for the concierge services we provide. The all-inclusive monthly fee ranges from $5,200 or $6,000, depending on the room, and $7,500-10,000 depending on the suite. There are no escalating costs or “add-ons” and there are no extra fees for supervision of self-administered medication or day-to day activities. The fee for residency is an all-inclusive rate and includes the following services, amenities and activities:

All meals prepared by our professional chefs and served “restaurant style”

Individually appointed furnished rooms with 100 % cotton linens

Laundry washed and hand pressed onsite

Activities six days a week

Housekeeping and regular maintenance

Transportation for group activities to local attractions, theaters, movies, stores

24 hour care from certified nursing assistants

Activities & Excursions

Bay Oaks Resident Guests enjoy a variety of formal and informal activities and excursions throughout the week. Scheduled activities such as Brain Teasers, Says You, and Community Social are opportunities for socialization, inquiry and mental fitness. Watercoloring Lessons fosters an environment for the visual arts and creativity. Yoga/Pilates with Aniko is an exercise class based on stretching and range of motion movements that build strength, stamina and muscle tone and is offered three times each week. BINGO, card games and Scrabble, puzzles and other games are also popular. Interest is all that is needed, we will supply the rest!