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Visitation Policy

It is the policy of Bay Oaks Historic Retirement Residence that residents’ guests be welcomed to visit by an invitation of a resident or by making an appointment. Visits may take place anytime a resident wishes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visitors are asked to follow basic infection control hygiene practices and given the opportunity to wash and/or sanitize their hands. Masks are encouraged unless requested otherwise by their resident host; masks are available upon request.  

We request that guests participate in a brief COVID screening and that, if possible, they delay their visit if they have reason to believe they have a contagious infection, such as the coronavirus. 

Residents and their guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the extensive gardens and outdoor seating venues, and they may meet in any private space of the resident’s choosing.

It is our policy to comply fully with the “No Patient Left Alone Act” (Act) and our visitation policy does not limit visitation hours, duration, or number of visitors. Residents may receive guests regardless of immunization status and may have consensual physical contact with them. In-person visitation is encouraged anytime the resident requests it, and particularly in end-of-life situations, difficult or stressful periods, at times requiring health decisions or medical assistance, and/or in the case of a recent change in behavior.

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