A Day at the Palm Beach Zoo!

Today was a perfect day for a leisurely walk around the Palm Beach Zoo. Residents and volunteers rode up in the Bay Oaks bus to Palm Beach and spent a few hours exploring and then lunching. We saw peacocks and tigers, lemurs and baby monkeys, hundreds of exotic birds, an albino alligator!, stunning scarlet cranes and so much more:

Mrs. Fissore and the scarlet cranes

Lunch at the Tropical Cafe

Mardi the Albino Gator - Mr. MacDougall's favorite part of the trip

Dr Gaines and Some Pink Ladies

“It was so nice!,” says Mrs. Rouse. “I really liked all of it.”

Ms. Kassner had been here before: “Oh, I loved it! This is one of my and my daughter’s favorite places.”

Dr. Gaines liked the animals – but was most impressed with the lush, local and exotic, vegetation. There are over 23 acres of tropical habitat for the Zoo’s 1400 animals! This is our third trip to the Palm Beach Zoo in three years and we’re all looking forward to next year! **Thanks to Sandy, Lillian, Julie, Ray, James and Wesley for volunteering**

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